Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don't work in law enforcement. Can I still purchase a book?
A: Yes! While our books are designed for and used by many police departments throughout the U.S., they are available to the public. Our books are also great for private citizens, neighborhood watch groups, attorneys, judges — anyone seeking accurate, up-to-date laws in a convenient format.


Q: How big are your books? Will they really fit in my pocket?
A: Our pocket-sized books measure 3½ x 5 ¼” — and are designed to fit in your shirt pocket. Our handbooks (which combine both Criminal and Traffic* laws) measure 8 x  5” — a conveniently sized publication that you can keep in your home, car, or office.

*When available. Handbooks for states where we do not yet publish a Traffic Code book will not contain traffic material.


Q: What kinds of laws can I expect to find in your book?
A: Our team of editors is headed by an experienced street officer and a prosecuting attorney, who carefully hand-select the sets of laws to include in each of our books. Their goal is to select content from a state’s vehicle code and criminal code that will be of most use to a street officer — so you get the most relevant information possible.  See our About Us page for more information.


Q: Do you offer discounts for large orders?
A: Yes. See our Payments page for details.


Q: Can Pocket Press create custom books?
A: Yes. We can customize books for your jurisdiction or field — including laws specific to your city, county, state, or agency. Please Contact Us for details. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.


Q: What year is the current book?
A: Right now all of our updated books are 2017 editions — except for our Wisconsin books. Wisconsin is a two-year state, so the books include 2017/2018 statutes. Please note: because states release new updated material at different times, not all 2017 editions will be available at the same time. Some 2015 editions may not be ready until late-spring 2017. See products page for availability.


Q: When will next year’s version be available?
A: For all states, updated books are released on different dates, and reflect the most recent legislative session where certified changes are available. We get to work updating our books as soon as a state’s legislature certifies the material. This means we typically publish the updated version of book a few weeks to a month after the most recent legislative session is over.

If you would like detailed information about when a specific book will be published, please feel free to Contact Us.


Q: I see the phrase “Spanish for Law Enforcement” on the cover of some of your books. Does this mean the book is in Spanish?
A: No. Our books are in English. “Spanish for Law Enforcement” is a special section in the back all Pocket Press books, designed to help law enforcement officers communicate with Spanish speakers while on the job. The section features helpful Spanish/English translations of commonly used phrases, questions, and commands. The section also contains a pronunciation guide to help you enunciate words, syllable by syllable. Click here for a free preview of the Spanish for Law Enforcement section.


Q: Once I purchase a book, do I need to download it immediately?

Once purchased, books must be downloaded within twenty-four hours. If you experience problems related to this, please email


Have a question we didn’t answer on this page? Please Contact Us so we can help you.


Customer Comments

Our best advertising is our customers.

"My department is going to buy them for everyone, but I want them as quickly as possible, I want 2 of each [criminal & traffic] as soon as you get them in."

—Street officer, California

"I used your books in Tennessee for years, and have moved to California. Your books are so much better than the other options. Thanks."

—Street officer, California

"I am a police officer in Wisconsin, and this is the third year in a row I have ordered the criminal codes for my state. This year I ordered the Traffic Codes as well. I am also a field training officer, and find these books a great resource for trainees. I try to provide the new officer one when they complete their training program."

—FTO, Wisconsin


"The books are great and I use them while out on the street, but I love the PDA/electronic version. I always get asked questions when I am off duty and now I can show people what the law is."

—Street officer, Colorado

"In 13 years on the street I never had an easier time locating the information I needed "

—Street officer

"A ride along had one of your books and almost did not come back alive as everyone wanted to take it from him "

—Street officer

"I couldn't do my job without it."

—Street officer

"I was at a homicide scene and saw our District Attorney pull your book out of his pocket to look up what charges applied."

—State trooper

"It is easy to find what I want in your index."

—Municipal court judge

"I use these books every night."

—Street officer

"Your books are a great resource for current and future Police officers"

—Police cadet

"Your books they use, the big book they just throw in the back of the car"

—Shift Sergeant

"Have used your book for over a year now, and found it to be one of the most used and valuable time saving resources I have in my duty bag. Thanks"

—Street officer, Ohio

"Thank you for publishing a great book for police officers. My fellow officers saw the books and they all want me to order them one. Once again, thank you from all of us in the Newark Police Department, NJ"

—Street officer